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tourism web design

Web-Screens-Perspective-PSD-Mockup_Tourism-Website copy.jpg
Adventure and romance are the driving forces behind this strategic Tahiti tourism web design. Aimed at capturing audiences with the allure of crystal clear waters, the layout is branded in blues that complement naturally beautiful imagery. The cohesive colour scheme is paired with a modern wedding-style script that best highlights
what the island destination is known for: honeymooning. The copy is original to the project.
Tourism Web Design_Renee Boucher_25NOV2021.jpg
Tourism Web Design_Renee Boucher_25NOV20212.jpg
Tourism Web Design_Renee Boucher_25NOV20213.jpg
An accompanying Facebook advertisement utilizes direct and concise messaging with branded imagery to
further promote a relaxing getaway to Tahiti. A delicate logo was crafted with consistent colouring. 
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