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city branding

New Orleans city branding is based on its people and their rich cultures, heritage and traditions. It most specifically highlights bringing together major populations such as the Cajuns, Creole and spiritually religious groups.

The revamped New Orleans branding aim to  accentuate the importance of bring different people together for the
same cause — to have a good time — it doesn’t matter “who dat.” Honouring heritage, it is not only meant to reflect
the locals, but also make tourists feel at home. Much like its tagline, New Orleans is a ‘City for the Soul’,
where the people will fill your cup.
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The New Orleans logos feature locals doing what the city is known for: singing, dancing, and having a good time.
Also well known for its diversity, New Orleans traditions have a habit of brining people together, especially during the “second line.” The second is the end of a street parade where the community joins in and follows the marching bands, music and entertainers. This is a common event that brings all walks of life together to celebrate each other,
music and life, in the grand city of New Orleans.

The typography for New Orleans city branding is where classic meets contemporary. An old style novelty type headlines the style guide to emphasize history and heritage. It is paired with a modern sans serif type to complement modern aspects of the city and people that live there now.
Asset 11-8.png
Asset 10-8.png
Asset 12-8.png
Logo variations were developed based on movement through dancing and parading in the second line.
Each character featured in the logo moves in a new and interesting way, adding movement and energy to the variations. They also change in order of appearance to further exemplify the flow of the music. The variations are usually featured
in a combination of the primary colours to add to the chaos and colourful scenery when people take to the
streets for a good time — day or night.
Asset 9-80.jpg
Asset 1-80.jpg
Asset 2-80.jpg
Way finding banners are an integral part of New Orleans branding, with a focus on helping tourists around the city while honouring the people that live there. They incorporate integral branding such as icons, tag lines, and a website to find more information. While the main purpose of these banners is utility, it is prime real estate to showcase the beauty of the city in strategically crafted graphics.

The New Orleans iconography highlighted on the banners includes visually interesting and imperfect graphic art representative of the scenery, spirit and language of the city. Featuring special activities and hobbies practiced by the locals, the icons also nod to the city’s elegant decay, a place where the buildings are as old as the souls of the streets. Unique dialects and slang are also incorporated to give the icons an extra authentic sound.
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