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True to its name, RespectFULL Pints addresses sexual harassment and assault against women.
Specifically geared to men, the respect infused beer offers this target audience an opportunity to step up as
an ally in environments where women commonly feel unsafe.The brand name, tagline, and product line have
empowering names with a splash of attractively punchy sarcasm.
RespectFULL Pints Label 1_Renee Boucher_v2-master pages_16NOV2021.png
RespectFULL Pints Label 1_Renee Boucher_v2-master pages_16NOV20212.png
RespectFULL Pints Label 1_Renee Boucher_v2-master pages_16NOV20213.png
The matte black label with vibrant accents is inspired by nightlife – a particularly dangerous environment for women –
while the tagline “Pour a controlled one,” is rendered to look handwritten, recalling derogatory graffiti in bathroom stalls at a bar. Instead of sharing the names and phone numbers of girls to harass, these scrawls feature phone numbers of sexual assault support services, names of women in high profile sexual harassment and assault cases,
and statistics about rape, consent and harassment.
An accompanying mobile site design effectively demonstrates a user-friendly experience for a branded product page.
As does the label, the webpages promote sharing a selfie with @RespectFULLPints on social media to publicly
pledge support for women’s safety everywhere. It’s high time men #PourAControlledOne.
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