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dating app

Squeeze is a dating app concept to help those with busy lives find romance. As depicted by a lemon in its logo, Squeeze pays tribute to fitting something (or someone) into a hectic schedule, but is also a play on the age old term "main squeeze", referring to a romantic partner. Further punny language is used through out the application to
keep users enticed.

A strategic UI design demonstrated in the following eight screen line up carefully guides the user through key highlights of their journey. On brand with keeping things fresh, yellow and green colouring are used to bring life to the app. Shadow boxes were a key element in highlighting important frames such as photos and conversations, while consistent use of flat buttons add a modern feel. 
Artboard 15-80_v2.jpg
Artboard 5-80_v2.jpg
Artboard 17-80_v2.jpg
Artboard 6-80_v2.jpg
Artboard 7-80_v2.jpg
Artboard 8-80_v2.jpg
Artboard 11-80_v2.jpg
Artboard 18-80_v2.jpg
User personas were drafted to help conceptualize the application and highlight how different audiences may engage with it. These were meant to be a key starting point in developing ideas surrounding the app, who would use it and why, but were later incorporated as real time users in the hi-fi frames. 
UX UI Personas Assignment_Renee Boucher.jpg
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